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About Us

We are doing wedding parties differently! Our passion is to bring your big day to life but at a cost that is affordable and sensible, rather than the usual 'wedding taxed' pricing, and with a service that is second to none.


We have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the team, and we are happy to travel anywhere within the UK without adding travel costs onto our fees. We are also available for destination weddings abroad, with our fees remaining the same, and only adding the cost of the flights, luggage and accommodation on top.

We offer our own in-house DJ's, proper professional wedding party DJ's - no 'disco Daves' here!! They come with a fabulous profession set up of booth (your choice of white or black), PA, decks and lighting. We can enhance your party experience by providing our sax players, bongos/percussion guys, vocals (male or female) and any combination of these, who all play alongside the DJ. It's truly a party like no other, and if you're undecided between a DJ or a band, this is the best of both worlds!

We are also able to provide the live music for your ceremony and/or reception and/or dinner, and whether that's a classic string quartet or a sensual acoustic guitarist and singer, or maybe old school harpist, we promise your day will have a fabulous musical score underpinning it.


Another part of our offering are our photobooths, magic mirrors, dance floors, light up love letters (of which we have the whole alphabet!), up-lighters, audio guestbooks and more. We aim to offer a one stop shop for all your 'hard' entertainment needs.

With every enquiry we will produce a fully broken down, line by line quote, ensuring you know what each element is going to cost you, and the effect on the total price of adding or reducing any items.

As part of the Just About Weddings group of companies, we have an overriding ethos of offering the very best in service, transparency of pricing and, most importantly, of value for money. We believe that high quality wedding entertainment should not be exclusive, but exclusively for everyone!

To find out more, or to book your initial consultation, get in touch!

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